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Check out our new Defensive Pistol class. Go beyond being able to carry and be ready to use your gun when you have to.

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The MGS Group is Wisconsin's Premier firearms and personal safety training facility, offering a wide  range of structured courses as well as Client Defined™ programs.

We provide training to Military, law enforcement and civilian clientèle on a wide range of topics.

Our extensive knowledge of personal protection, home safety and firearms gives you a well rounded curriculum to enrich your mind.

Our Professional Certified trainers will tailor programs to meet your needs.

Please take a bit and look at all we have to offer, sign up for a class and see why we

Train to a higher standard.™

Being this was our first gun purchase, we also took your personal basic pistol training, which was not only informative but fun.

Thank you for helping us to protect ourselves, safely.

- Mr. and Mrs. David Privitt

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